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Apocalypse Later Mini-Film Festivals

Under the Apocalypse Later banner, I've been programming and presenting a variety of mini-film festivals at a similar variety of conventions across the American southwest since LepreCon 39 in May 2013. My goal is to bring quality international short films to new eyeballs.

Introduction Shots

Past and Future Events

The following table details all the mini-film festivals which I've put together in the past and upcoming ones for which I've been booked.

Each event name links to a page detailing the films which I programmed for that convention including, where possible, IMDb pages, director and production company links, my reviews of the films at Apocalypse Later and where to see the films online.

My sets generally feature a high proportion of films that can't be seen online, mostly because they're new and still working their way round the festival circuit. However, many of these find their way to Vimeo or YouTube later on, so viewers who couldn't attend my earlier sets can now see most of the films that I've screened.

As of event 26, I've screened 200 short films and 5 features from 29 different countries.

For those interested in which, they are: Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

# Event Location Date Sets Scope
Westercon 71 (Myths and Legends Con 5) Denver, CO July 2018 TBD sci-fi
Cirque du Livre 2018 Mesa, AZ April 2018 1 x 90 books
Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 6 Tucson, AZ March 2018 3 x 45 steampunk
Gaslight Steampunk Expo San Diego, CA October 2017 2 x 45 steampunk
# Event Location Date Sets Scope
26 Westercon 70 (LepreCon 43) Tempe, AZ July 2017 1 x 90 sci-fi
25 Cirque du Livre 2017 Mesa, AZ April 2017 1 x 90 books
24 Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 6 Tucson, AZ March 2017 3 x 45 steampunk
23 BASIS Mesa Comic Con Mesa, AZ November 2016 1 x 45 children's
22 Gaslight Gathering 6 San Diego, CA October 2016 1 x 75 steampunk, horror
21 LepreCon 42 Phoenix, AZ June 2016 3 x 90 sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk
20 Phoenix Comicon 2016 Phoenix, AZ June 2016 1 x 60 steampunk
19 Cirque du Livre 2016 Mesa, AZ May 2016 1 x 90 books
18 Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 5 Tucson, AZ March 2016 3 x 45 steampunk
17 Comic & Media Expo 2015 Mesa, AZ October 2015 2 x 60 pop culture
16 Gaslight Gathering 5 San Diego, CA September 2015 1 x 60 steampunk
15 Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival 2015 Jerome, AZ September 2015 1 x 90 sci-fi, horror
14 Westercon 68 (Conjecture 13/Conchord 27) San Diego, CA July 2015 2 x 45 sci-fi
13 LepreCon 41 Phoenix, AZ June 2015 3 x 90 sci-fi, steampunk
12 Phoenix Comicon 2015 Phoenix, AZ May 2015 1 x 60 steampunk
11 Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 4 Tucson, AZ March 2015 4 x 45 steampunk
10 FearCon de los Muertos! Phoenix, AZ November 2014 2 x 90 horror
9 San Diego Comic-Fest 2014 San Diego, CA October 2014 2 x 45 steampunk
8 FANtasm (CopperCon 34) Avondale, AZ August 2014 1 x 90 + F sci-fi, horror
7 Geeks4Good Charity Show Mesa, AZ July 2014 1 x 30 sci-fi
6 Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival 2014 Jerome, AZ June 2014 1 x 120 sci-fi
5 LepreCon 40 Phoenix, AZ May 2014 1 x 90 + F sci-fi
4 Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention III Tucson, AZ March 2014 3 x 45 steampunk
3 DarkCon 2014 Phoenix, AZ January 2014 1 x 90 + F sci-fi, punked genres
2 CopperCon Revolution (CopperCon 33) Mesa, AZ August 2013 1 x 90 + F sci-fi
1 LepreCon 39 Phoenix, AZ May 2013 1 x 90 + F sci-fi

Convention Websites

Most of these events run annually and update their site to reflect the new year's event, though some do maintain pages for prior years. Here are the current websites for each:

BASIS Mesa Comic Con
Cirque de Livre Writers Conference
Comic & Media Expo
Gaslight Gathering
Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival
Phoenix Comicon
Phoenix FearCon
San Diego Comic-Fest
Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention

What's a Mini-Film Festival?

Most commonly, a mini-film festival is at least one set of short films that I program for a convention and introduce at the event. Usually, what this means is that I:

The length and number of sets varies to meet each convention's needs and occasionally I also include a feature, but mostly proceedings play out as above.

Information Pages

For anyone who cares, here's a more detailed background as to why I do this.

For conventions and filmmakers, here's the key high-level information you need if you want me to host a mini-film festival at your event or if I've asked you for permission to screen your film.

Photo Credits

The photos underneath the header were all taken by Countess Chaos Creations, except for the eighth, which was taken by Bob Leeper of Evermore Nevermore and the last, which was taken by The Geekian Report.

From left to right, they document my sets at LepreCon 39, CopperCon Revolution, DarkCon 2014, Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 3, LepreCon 40, FANtasm, San Diego Comic-Fest 2014, Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 4, Westercon 68, Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival 2015 and Comic & Media Expo 2015 respectively. The last is my sign and venue at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 5.

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