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Schedule of Appearances 2016

Welcome to the 2016 appearance schedule for Hal C. F. Astell, representing Apocalypse Later, the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls, the Awesomelys or just myself.

Here's where you can find out where I'll be doing things out and about, whether I'm running events, working events or selling at events.

Come on out and say hi. Whenever I'm selling my books, they will be priced at less than you'll see on Amazon and I'll be happy to sign them for you.

4th-6th March - Wild Wild West Con 5 in Tucson, AZ

I'm very happy to have been invited back to the fantastic Wild Wild West Con for a third year to MC the steampunk fashion show and screen three new sets of steampunk short films from around the globe.

14th-15th May - Mad Monster Party in Scottsdale, AZ

I'll be working the Phoenix FearCon table (opposite the panel room) at Mad Monster Party on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th. My books will be available for purchase through me.

27th-29th May - Cirque de Livre in Mesa, AZ

I'm proud to be a guest at Cirque de Livre, 'a new kind of writer's conference', which runs from Friday to Sunday, though all my events are on Saturday 28th. My books will be available for purchase through Bonny Books.

2nd-5th June - Phoenix Comicon in Phoenix, AZ

I'll be all over Phoenix Comicon this year, from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th. My books will be available for purchase from Duncan's Books and More at the Amazing Wyked Writers tables at AA1317-AA1331. I'll be there too except when I have panels.

23rd-26th June - LepreCon 42 in Phoenix, AZ

I'll be back at LepreCon to present a mini-film festival for the fourth year running. I'll be programming three sets this year as I did last year, two sci-fi/fantasy sets and one steampunk.

1st-4th July - Westercon 69 in Portland, OR

As my better half is chairing Westercon 70 in Tempe in 2017, we'll be at Westercon 69 manning a fan table, answering questions and selling memberships. Oh, and running some parties in the evening!

24th-25th September

- Keen Halloween in Phoenix, AZ

Keen Halloween was a family event with a Halloween theme that was run by Steam Crow. It ran for a couple of years before going onto hiatus, but it's back and now run under the auspices of Phoenix Comicon.

7th-9th October - Gaslight Gathering 6 in San Diego, CA

I adored Gaslight Gathering last year and I'm still reeling from being honoured to share a panel with Tim Powers. I'm very happy to have been asked back to present another Apocalypse Later mini-film festival and sit on some more panels. Details to come.

15th October - Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ

This is my event, which aims to return an annual dedicated genre-based film festival to the sixth largest city in the United States. Year one's event will feature three hours of horror and science fiction short films for a measly $10 and I'm handing out free popcorn!

11th-13th November - TusCon 43 in Tuscon, AZ

As my better half is chairing Westercon 70 in Tempe in 2017, we'll be at TusCon 43 running parties and selling memberships. There are no fan tables at TusCon this year.

19th November - BASIS Mesa Comic-Con in Mesa, AZ

I was happy to be asked to join the line up at BASIS Mesa Comic-Con, a four hour pop culture event to raise money for a local school, BASIS Mesa. I was brought in to do an Apocalypse Later mini-film festival, but I also sold some books and substituted for Monte Yazzie on a panel.

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